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  • Gregg Fretheim says: January 23, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Nice article on Sargent the painter .It nice to see artist that are seen in history as in movement (travel painter) not just technical .History has never been seen in that light. Its not only about technical it about vision.There are many artist that fall in with there life’s as travel painter.Today’s travel painter is helping open this up ,telling there story’s – life’s and showing the work .Writers as in this article showing John Sargent as a Travel Painter ( He was !! ), and this is just a tip of the ice berg .When I was in art school Travel painters were never part of the history . Irchin writers can keep up the writing on travel painters so art can keep moving evolving . For more info on modern day travel painters Google- Travel painters or Travel Painting blog .

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